We help Girls Access Quality Education

We are helping smart underprivileged teenage girls from Africa access quality education. With support from our girl sponsors, Life Lifters unlocks the potential of girls and women through education and entrepreneurship


When you educate a woman you set her free
-Oprah Winfrey

Life Lifters is unapologetic about ensuring Girls have access to quality education. We pride ourselves in the excellence and achievements of all our Girls

About Us

We empower Women and Girls

Life Lifters Kenya is a women empowerment incubator that seeks to build the next generation of economically empowered women in Africa

The organization incubates, mentors, and invests in high-achieving teenage girls from rural communities in Kenya and Africa and builds them to be influential women in their communities and beyond

Life Lifters main activities are centred around girls’ education and entrepreneurship. The organization invests resources in smart underprivileged teenage girls through scholarships,training and mentorship programs. Our two-tier program is also composed of an entrepreneurship aspect that works with young women in different communities to help them launch and expand their enterprises


We are mentors, sponsors, gender activists and women rights enthusiasts

Life Lifters is a network of people who are passionate about girls' education and gender equality. Our members work as donors, supporters, mentors , trainers and role models to girls across the continent

What we do for Girls


Offer scholarships


Training and mentorship


New opportunities


Safe space


Our success so far

Since inception, Life Lifters has been instrumental in building the capacity of girls through mentorship. We started in 2015 as a girls group that met to discuss the vices that affected us in the community and have since grown to be a supporter of women and girls education

Girls mentored since inception
Scholarships awarded
Girls Educate

This is a scholarship program that pairs donors with smart underprivileged girls in rural Kenya. The donors directly fund tuition for a girl in Kenya which costs approximately $700-900 a year. Our organization will constantly update you on the wellbeing, performance and status of the girl you support

Africa Girls Education Investment Fund

This a long-term investment fund into Girls Education in Africa. This model takes the donations contributed into the fund and puts them to work to generate more funds to support our girls. The fund enables our donors to have a continued impact on the lives of the girls that we support

Invest in Girls

Help us fund training and conferences for our girls. Your donation provides underserved girls with the support and opportunities they need. Without education and these opportunities, most girls in the communities we serve will continue to sink deeper into poverty and abuse


Our Training Pillars

Life Lifters offers the girls and women incubated into our programs with an opportunity to groom and equip themselves for the future. Our long-term goal is to build them up to be able to access productive resources in their communities and use them to transform their lives. To succeed in doing this, Life Lifters focuses on three major training areas:



The second pillar of our work. In this pillar we introduce girls to experiential leadership. We take our girls and women on a leadership journey that helps them to be influential in their families, schools and communities. They learn about leadership of self, servant leadership and all the qualities and skills that they need to have to be great leaders



This is the first pillar of our work. Life Lifters builds the capacity of the women and girls we work with. Drawing from their personal experiences, stories and dreams, Life Lifters engages successful women mentors who train, mentor and empower our girls. Strategic partnerships with other organizations, companies and initiatives are also established to ensure that our girls are exposed to all relevant and diverse opportunities


Entrepreneurship Training

In this pillar we teach women and girls how to identify productive resources, tap into the economic world and explore entrepreneurial opportunities in their communities. Borrowing from concepts like design thinking, research and business development, Life Lifters invests time and resources in building the economic capacity of women and girls



An experiential program that hopes to build the confidence, tenacity and self-esteem of women and girls who join our organization. Our organization believes in the power of stories and as such we help our girls discover who they are by connecting to their experiences



Become a Girl Sponsor

Commit to donating $700-900 to Life Lifters every year for four years and sustainably support a girl through school. In so doing, you will begin an altruistic journey of investing in Girls’ Education

Become a sponsor

from the Founder

I founded Life Lifters Kenya in 2014 right after I graduated from high school. At the time I was just a 19 year old girl who wanted a better world for girls in my community. As a girl and now a young woman I have always wanted to build an ecosystem that encourages women and girls to succeed. I envision a world where girls and women, especially those in rural communities in Africa, have access to resources that can help them unleash their full potential. I believe education and entrepreneurship are two powerful tools for women liberation and that is why at Life Lifters we invest in Girls education and business. If girls and women unleash their mental capacity and become comfortable with creating wealth then the sky is no longer the limit

Cynthia Muhonja, Executive Director

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