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Your donation provides underserved girls with the support and opportunities they need. Without education most girls in the communities we serve will continue to sink deeper into poverty and abuse. For us your donation is an investment that will continue to liberate more women and girls. So to tell you that you are making a difference by donation is an understatement. Truth is, you are our hero.

Becoming a Girl Sponsor
  • With approximately $700-800 a year you can support a girl through high school. When you make your first donation Life Lifters Kenya would contact you and assign you as sponsor to one of our girls. Contact for more information
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Supporting Our Programs
  • Donate to support our work with girls and women online through our fiscal sponsor She’s the First
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  • Make Cheques out to She’s the First with “Life Lifters Kenya” in the memo
    Mailing address: 590 Avenue of the Americas 8 th Floor New York, NY 10011